Perry4Law’s Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC) Of P4LO

Perry4Law’s Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC) Of P4LOThere is no substitute for good training and an effective skills development initiative. If we analyse the digital India and e-books projects of Indian Government, it is clear that e-delivery of public services in India would be the norm in future. This is more so in the fields of education, healthcare, judiciary, etc.

As far as educational system of India is concerned, it is suffering from numerous shortcomings. The chief among them is that Indian education system is academic in nature that has little contribution towards skills development. Most of the students in India are still not clear about the concept of skills versus degree.

From the nursery class to the PhD level, Indian education system has failed to appreciate the importance of skill. Further, due to academic irregularities and corruption, PhDs in India are dying. There is an urgent need to bring transparency and accountability in the education system of India on the one hand and inculcate skills among the students on the other hand.

We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) have been managing techno legal education, skills development and trainings for both basic level and highly specilaised and domain specific fields. The basic level skills development and trainings are managed by Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) and the highly specilaised and domain specific ones are being managed by Perry4Law’s Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC).

We are leveraging the information and communication technology (ICT) for our educational and skills development projects. Our Blogs named Virtual Legal Campus, Online Skills Development, PTLITC Blog, etc are testimony of this fact. We are also in the process of revolutionising the way trainings and skills development would be managed through ICT and online tools.

This Websites/Blog has been rejuvenated to inform and update our readers about the latest initiatives and projects of P4LO. Please bookmark this Blog for updated information about our educational initiatives and projects.

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