Online Skills Development In India By PTLITC

Online Skills Development In India By PTLITCSkills development is a priority issue for Governments around the world. There is a gross shortage of techno legal skills in fields like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, e-discovery, etc. The year 2015 would be a challenging one for India as India has launched projects like Digital India and Internet of Things (IoT) (PDF) that require techno legal expertise to manage.

Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC) have rejuvenated their techno legal skills development, training and education initiatives in India. We would share more details in this regard very soon. In this post we wish to share some details about the latest initiatives and projects of PTLITC in the field of distance learning, e-learning and online skills development, trainings and education in India and abroad.

Firstly, the official website of PTLITC has been launched and we have tried to make it as holistic and comprehensive as possible. We have also tried to keep various segments of PTLITC separate so that our readers, students, professionals and other stakeholders can get the requisite information as per their interests and requirements.

Secondly, we have also launched the PTLITC Blog for sharing latest updates and information about PTLITC initiatives. The idea is to discuss the skills development and trainings related issues at this Blog.

Thirdly, PTLITC Discussion Forum has also been started to share information about our courses, trainings and education initiatives. For the time being, membership to the Forums is available to the students/trainees of PTLITC alone. However, anybody can read the publically accessible parts of the Forums.

Fourthly, PTLITC Skills Development Institution would conduct online techno legal trainings and skills development courses through its Moodle platform. This Moodle platform would provide a very comprehensive techno legal environment to those who are enrolled for the courses, trainings and skills development programs of PTLITC. Enrolled students/professionals could also access many online resources, articles, white papers, research papers and other study materials that would not be publically available.

Finally, a Techno Legal Software Repository of PTLITC is also available to our students/enrolled professionals that they can use for successfully completing their trainings and courses.

PTLITC hopes that our projects and initiatives would be useful to all stakeholders especially to those who are looking to develop their techno legal skills in India an abroad.

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